Move more, faster

OTTO 1500 delivers 1900kg of materials at top speeds of 2m/s with an agility unlike any other AMR in the market. OTTO 1500 has been designed to maximize fleet productivity and deliver the best ROI in the industry.

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Intelligence Onboard

OTTO’s software is unrivalled in the industry.
Unlike traditional industrial automation, each OTTO 1500 gets smarter and more productive with every update.
OTTO releases new software updates every year to ensure that your OTTO AMR fleet gets more valuable with every budget cycle.

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Our Fleetmanager is easily extendable to over 100 vehicles, so integration is perfectly scalable for your end-customer.

Proven to deliver

The new OTTO 1500 builds upon the proven and trusted OTTO 1500 chassis first introduced in 2015. OTTO 1500 has experienced over 1,000,000 hours of operational runtime with nearly a decade of vehicle engineering and continuous improvement.

OTTO 1500 Features

Maximize your productivity

Every detail of the new OTTO 1500 has been crafted to maximize your operation’s productivity.
The formula is simple: Move the most goods, as fast as possible, with the least downtime.

1.900 kg

Powerful enough for demanding applications and payloads

2.0 m/s

Move material at class- leading speeds without compromising agility

3M hours

OTTO has over 3 million production hours without a safety incident