Safety-rated and people-friendly

Adaptive fieldsets for high performance safety.

Equipped with patented technology that improves visibility in the direction of travel, OTTO 1200 quickly maneuvers around people and turns, delivering best-in-class average speed with zero compromise to safety. Multiple state-of-the-art laser and 3D camera sensors, OTTO 1200 is smart enough to operate autonomously even in the most dynamic manufacturing environments.

Durable build for harsh environments

With a rugged all-metal body, rocker suspension and improved drivetrain, OTTO 1200 is engineered for a lasting performance in the toughest environments.
Designed to IP54 rating, OTTO 1200 offers a superior ability to withstand dust and water.
Using the industry’s most powerful enterprise fleet management software—OTTO Fleet Manager.

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Simplified maintenance for maximum uptime

Leveraging a decade of field service experience, OTTO 1200 has been intentionally designed with a service-first approach to reduce downtime. Equipped with rapid-access drawers that eliminate the need to remove payloads, OTTO 1200 enables quick maintenance that can be easily tackled by a single person.

OTTO 1200 Features

Perfect strong and quick partner

Industry leading construction, high-end demanding suspension and best-in-class electric powertrain,
OTTO 1200 is built to perform in the world’s toughest narrow dynamic environments

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1.200 kg

Powerful enough for demanding applications and payloads

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1350 x 910 x 320 mm

The smallest footprint with the highest performance

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1.5 m/s

Move heavy material at industry demanding speeds without compromising agility

Meet the OTTO 1200 the most powerfull autonomous mobile robot (AMR) wit a small footprint