Lowers operating costs

Optimize workflow processes to increase efficiency with predictable performance and consistent throughput to reduce operating costs. Fast setup gets you moving materials in minutes, not weeks so payback starts on day one.

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Intelligently moves material

Built for dynamic environments, OTTO Lifter detects and avoids obstacles and reroutes to reliably and safety deliver goods. OTTO Lifter uses an intelligent pallet detection system to pick pallets even when they are skewed or when entry notches are covered with stretch wrap.

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Collaborates safely with people

Advanced safety sensors paired with OTTO’s class-leading autonomous driving capabilities reduces risk of workplace safety incidents. OTTO Lifter works safely alongside people, existing infrastructure and other vehicles.

Optimize and better support your workforce by removing operators from repetitive and dangerous tasks. Quickly dispatch deliveries from a workstation or tablet or add new workflows, all while minimizing downtime.

OTTO Lifter Features

Maximize your productivity

Every detail of the new OTTO Lifter has been crafted to maximize your operation’s productivity.
The formula is simple: Move the most goods, as fast as possible, with the least downtime.

1.200 kg

Totals payload capacity

1.5 m/s

Travel speed of autonomous vorklift

270 cm

Lift height

The first autonomous lifter with the intelligence of the OTTO AMR vehicles.